A fireplace, your energy independence

A fireplace

your energy independence

In recent years, the rise in prices has affected us all as a result of the pandemic, and the situation has not improved with the war in Ukraine. The price of gas, electricity, diesel, to say the least, has risen wildly, without any control. We all seek to be able to save a little, but it is quite difficult for us.

Now winter is coming and there are homes that are looking for alternatives to electric stoves or gas or oil heating. And the most economical and useful option are traditional fireplaces. If we want to stay out of the increase in the electricity bill that is being experienced, it is best to opt for the traditional: fire fireplaces. Bearing in mind that the price of holm oak or oak firewood has been between €0.13/kg and €0.18/kg for a long time, we know that keeping our homes warm is not going to involve as high an expense as if we depend on other sources of energy.

In addition, firewood is an ecological consumption that does not require the industrial transformation process and that we can also achieve by taking a walk through the mountains.
At EREBUS we will advise you to find the fireplace that best suits your needs, both in terms of design, modernity, comfort or measurements.

A wood-burning fireplace not only makes you energy independent, but also helps you save money by reducing waste generation and environmental impact.

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