Alrededor del fuego

Barbacoas EREBUS

Around the fire

Fire is an essential and fascinating element. The radiance, luminosity and warmth that it offers us transport us to a state of calm. Around the fire we can eat, chat, sing or just watch it.
Stories told by firelight helped build human social and cultural identity. The work of the anthropologist Polly Wiessner published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), explains that these stories in the heat of the flames served to make thought evolve by reinforcing social traditions, promoting harmony and equality, and cultivate the imagination.
Without going back so far, telling horror stories around the campfire was a camp classic. Whoever went to one knows it. It was a time of laughter, emotion and attention for the kids. Because there is no one who can resist a good story.
However, orality is not at its best. Hyperconnection has a lot to do with it, but the main problem is in each one of us. Because it is not only that we are listening less and less, but that we are stopping telling stories, face to face.
At Barbacoas EREBUS we suggest that you share those stories that you keep inside with whoever you are closest to, in the heat of the fire.

Fire is an essential and fascinating element!!

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