A fireplace, your energy independence

In recent years, the rise in prices has affected us all as a result of the pandemic, and the situation has not improved with the war in Ukraine. The price of gas, electricity, diesel, to say the least, has risen wildly, without any control. We all seek to be able to save a little, but it is quite difficult for us. Now winter is coming and there are homes that are looking for alternatives to electric stoves or gas or […]

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The low season can greatly affect the frequency of visits and the profitability of a restaurant. Whether it is winter for beach areas or summer for mountain areas, the only solution to get the most out of your business all year round is to use elements that distinguish it from the competition and make it a comfortable and attractive space for the customer. . Taking care of the decoration as well as the kitchen will make your restaurant fill up. […]

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Join the EREBUS team

If you want to dedicate human and material resources to expand your business, a good option is to become an EREBUS barbecue distributor. You need to learn fast and have all the tools and support to be successful. And we will be by your side to help you grow. Why work with our outdoor kitchens and barbecues and not with other products that exist on the market? Being an official distributor of EREBUS barbecues will bring numerous advantages and benefits, […]

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Cómo elegir una buena barbacoa

Cuando ya vemos que queda poco para que llegue la primavera la terraza nos hace ojitos. El calor llegará pronto y las ganas de cerveza fresca. Esto es sinónimo de varias cosas que en EREBUS nos apasionan: fuego, carbón, parrilla y comida a la brasa. ¿Quieres o te estás planteando tener una barbacoa?  Lo primero que deber plantearte es dónde la vas a poner. Lo ideal es que no esté demasiado cerca de la mesa o donde se va a […]

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Alrededor del fuego

Fire is an essential and fascinating element. The radiance, luminosity and warmth that it offers us transport us to a state of calm. Around the fire we can eat, chat, sing or just watch it. Stories told by firelight helped build human social and cultural identity. The work of the anthropologist Polly Wiessner published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), explains that these stories in the heat of the flames served to make thought evolve […]

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From November 29 to December 2, EREBUS exhibited at the Piscina & Wellness Barcelona fair in Barcelona, ​​delighted to serve all its visitors, who highlighted the originality of our products due to their design, robustness and quality. Among these, the CHILL OUT garden fire stood out, with a striking and simple design and also a simple installation and maintenance, thereby demonstrating once again our dedication to innovation, and customization of projects thanks to the wide variety of colors and finishes, […]

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Feria Piscina & Wellness Barcelona

The drive for innovation based on achieving more sustainable, efficient, personalized products focused on improving the quality of life of users will be the focus of this edition of Piscina & Wellness Barcelona, the event organized by Fira de Barcelona in collaboration with the employers’ association of the sector, the Spanish Association of Professionals of the Swimming Pool Sector, ASOFAP. The show will bring together more than 350 brands, more than half international, who will present the value chain of […]

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Fuego de jardín EREBUS CHILL OUT

  It is already spring and we begin to alternate days of very good weather with the occasional cold storm that dismantles our activity plans and enjoy the outdoors. If you are lucky enough to have a garden, a terrace or even a balcony, you may be interested in getting one of these barbecue braziers that, on the one hand, allow us to have a barbecue to eat on the days when the sun accompanies and, on the other hand, […]

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Making a barbecue much more than cooking and eating

Barbecue time The world situation does not invite optimism with the damn COVID-19 that follows in this year 2021. Therefore, it is a good time to take advantage of the time of seclusion at home doing things that serve to have fun. A good plan is to light a fire, wait for the magic to happen and sit at the table to enjoy the security that our homes provide us. Barbecue for everyone Used correctly, barbecue is a very healthy […]

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De la mano de expertos asadores argentinos y guiados por su saber hacer y experiencia, hemos desarrollado nuestro modelo EREBUS GAUCHO. Una barbacoa óptima para el sector HORECA o para grandes familias.Disponible con triple parrilla, en este caso dos automáticas, brasero, soporte para pala y doble campana extractora. Además de un amplio cajón para cenizas.¿Le añadiría algo? No hay problema. En Barbacoas Erebus adaptamos nuestros modelos a las necesidades de nuestros clientes.

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