The low season can greatly affect the frequency of visits and the profitability of a restaurant. Whether it is winter for beach areas or summer for mountain areas, the only solution to get the most out of your business all year round is to use elements that distinguish it from the competition and make it a comfortable and attractive space for the customer. .
Taking care of the decoration as well as the kitchen will make your restaurant fill up.
You cannot forget that a good meal is always more pleasant and feels better in good company and surrounded by an interior design that does not leave you indifferent.
Enhance your terrace with SHOW COOKING is a great technique to be present with your consumer and maintain a close and trusting relationship.
Having a designer and robust EREBUS barbecue, which adapts to the capacity of your restaurant and where the cook feels comfortable in order to serve your guests quickly, will achieve a sensory experience for your clients: they will see the cook working and enjoy the aromas of the grill.
Another option for your restaurant terrace is the EREBUS Chill Out model. Its versatility allows you to prolong the outdoor season on terraces and gardens.
With the lid, turn the Chill Out into a table. If you remove the lid, you can make a fire in the central gong to warm up autumn or winter evenings. Likewise, you can put the grill and the same guests can grill their food. And when the heat arrives, turn the gong into an ice bucket and your customers will have their drinks cool.
At EREBUS we want to help you, which is why we have launched the new HORECA RENTING service. So that with our products you differentiate yourself from your competitors and get the most out of your business.
You can rent EREBUS products for one or several seasons and after the rental period, you can choose to extend the rental or return the equipment.
We will be happy to advise you to give you the best service and product that suits your needs. Call us without obligation.
Your success is our motivation.

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