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Harmonic and balanced | Space separator and integrator | Up & Down concept

Harmonious and balanced fireplace with great formal elegance and simplicity. A point of light and heat, its central location makes it a separating and integrating element of the space.
Its characteristic system of detachable and independent windows (Up & Down Concept), further enhances its slim circular design.

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Contemporary Design | Movable glass system

A unique piece of wrought iron with a contemporary design and high functionality thanks to the movable glass system. The Velvet offers total versatility and adaptation to space.
Ideal to fully enjoy the tradition of fire.

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Circular and cubist design | Wide view of the flames

The iron and metal molded to achieve a design and a particular, circular and cubist way. It has a side opening that gives you a wide view of the flames and favors any location.
It offers a very practical kickstand and is ideal for any site.

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Organic and natural forms | the Firewood

Organic and natural shapes, drawn in a single stroke. Chimney of great lightness due to its hanging structure, with the stability of wrought iron and the reliability of technological innovation.
Its particular design shows three different aspects depending on the point of view and a special perspective of the fire from the outside.

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Triangular design | Ability to fit into any corner

Triangular structure, the vertex gives volume to the hood.
Ideal for limited spaces due to its ability to fit into any corner and for those who like the purity of forms.
Double-leaf mesh door and lifting opening, in accordance with the triangular design of the hood. At its base it incorporates a woodshed with a hinged door.

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Transmits resistance, durability, effectiveness and comfort | Clearly cubist and minimalist cut

Rhona transmits resistance, durability, effectiveness and comfort. Clearly cubist and minimalist in cut, it can easily be adapted to various decorative styles thanks to its compositional simplicity and metallic design.
Rhona has a plinth to place wood and two glass doors. The interior is made of firebrick.

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Synonym of versatility | Structural firmness

Synonymous with versatility, its delicate shape, similar to the sinuous moving silhouette of flames, contrasts with the structural strength of iron.
Its angles draw different contours and it offers the option of having a central or attached location.

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Monobloques panorámicos |Sistema de apertura guillotina

VISION panoramic monobloc fireplaces are monoblocks made of steel and their combustion chambers are covered with reinforced steel plates.
All incorporate glass-ceramic glass doors with the guillotine or retractable opening system that allows you to enjoy the fire both closed and open.

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We have a series of models that could be considered as standards due to their specific measures but, following our philosophy of adapting the fireplace to the location, we can customize it almost 100%.

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