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Combine privacy and relaxation

The 4Seasons Erebus for your relaxation in the countryside, garden, hotel, swimming pool, terrace, etc.
Combine the need for privacy with a soft double bed. On the 4Seasons Lounge garden lounger, you can make yourself comfortable at any time and enjoy privacy, avoiding the sun's rays, wind or raindrops.

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So you can relax

The spacious 4Seasons lounge consists of a seating area where you can relax alone, as a couple, or with friends and family.
All four sides can be closed with curtains. The roof is waterproof and offers permanent protection from the sun's rays, with a glass, so you can enjoy the stars at night or watch the rain fall, so the whole family can easily use the 4Seasons as a play area, rest or to take a nap on it.

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Steel structure 3 mm

The 3mm steel frame is weather resistant and is equipped with a fireplace surrounded by glass, so as not to break the views. The curtains can be chosen by the client, both the color and the model and the covers of the two interconnected mattresses are removable and can be easily machine washed.

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