Join the EREBUS team


Join the EREBUS team

If you want to dedicate human and material resources to expand your business, a good option is to become an EREBUS barbecue distributor. You need to learn fast and have all the tools and support to be successful. And we will be by your side to help you grow.

Why work with our outdoor kitchens and barbecues and not with other products that exist on the market? Being an official distributor of EREBUS barbecues will bring numerous advantages and benefits, as well as guaranteeing that you will offer customers the best quality in the sector.

Marketing support

In addition to offering the best quality conditions and guarantees on our products, we also provide marketing support and web design services to our distributors. We will improve your online presence and train you to get the most out of your website and social networks.

Specific training

We are committed to the sector and to learning, which is why at EREBUS barbecues we offer training to our distributors, both from Spain and from other countries, with the aim of making them aware of our manufacturing processes. The doors of our facilities are open to distributors who wish to get to know us up close.

Custom distribution

Each distributor and each order is carefully managed in an independent and personalized way. When it comes to shipping the materials, there are several possibilities, depending on what is most suitable for transport and installation according to the needs of the distributor and the customer.

Your benefit is our commitment.

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