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Including a design outdoor kitchen in your garden will not only bring you endless moments of fun, but also a great number of advantages. Our designer outdoor kitchens have everything you need.

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Find an ideal design garden kitchen

Increasingly more and more people are choosing to install a design garden kitchen instead of going in and out of their homes with the inconvenience of going back and forth.

If you are one of those people who find the inside of your house overwhelming and prefer to enjoy your free time, meals, parties and celebrations outside in your garden accompanied by nature; an outdoor kitchen design is the perfect solution for you.

In EREBUS we manufacture garden outdoor kitchens that suit the requirements of any of our customers. Whatever the shape and size of your outdoor kitchen, the functionalities you need, the furniture and its manufacturing materials; we create it for you.

We adapt to what you need so that you have, at a competitive price, the designer garden kitchen you have always dreamed of.

Discover the advantages of design outdoor kitchens online

EREBUS takes care of preparing the area to install your outdoor kitchen for the garden. Its number of advantages and benefits that it offers to our quality of life are very numerous. Some of them are:

·They are great for entertaining both young and old ones. Everyone enjoys preparing, cooking and eating outdoors; plus the design of the outdoor kitchen itself can create a very comfortable space for socializing and cooking in company.

·The amount of space you have increases considerably, both for cooking outdoors in company, and indoors in your own home. You will have an outdoor kitchen design with more furniture to store more dishes, appliances and food.

· If you want to eat in your garden, having to go back and forth to get something from the kitchen inside your home will no longer be a hassle. Spices, paper towels, napkins, drinks and everything else you need will be close at hand in your design outdoor kitchen.

·Installing a designer garden kitchen offers new culinary possibilities and new experiences with your loved ones. You can install a barbecue, put in an oven or make delicious desserts outside. You can cook all together without the hassle of space, the smoke and odors that accumulate.

·Undoubtedly, having a good outdoor design kitchen brings a large number of advantages for you, your family and the guests you want to bring to your home.

Elegant outdoor kitchens for your best occasions

In EREBUS, we have designed throughout our business career a large number of elegant outdoor kitchens that meet the characteristics that our customers are looking for, that you can see in the photographic examples in this section.

Want an outdoor design kitchen with barbecue? You can design it in an island style where everyone can gather to pick up their freshly cooked food while looking forward to the next batch. Do you want a designer outdoor kitchen with an oven where you can make delicious pizzas? Or do you prefer numerous cabinets and drawers in your sleek and modern outdoor kitchen where you can store all the ingredients for your most exquisite culinary creations? We design your outdoor kitchen to have everything you need.

All these possibilities and much more can be achieved with our stylish outdoor kitchens in our EREBUS store.

EREBUS provides you with the study of your design garden kitchen without obligation

If you've ever thought about buying a design outdoor kitchen, you've probably had your head spinning just thinking about combining the right furniture to make it practical and functional, have enough space and be connected to the power source you need.

EREBUS takes all these worries away by thinking and designing the custom outdoor kitchen that fits all your outdoor specifications and what you want to include. Whether you want an electric outdoor kitchen, butane gas, propane or similar; we consider the power source, space and features to design the designer outdoor kitchen you need.

You can request a study without obligation in which you will have a blueprint of how your outdoor design kitchen, costs and specifications so you can make a good decision and know all the details before we get down to work.

EREBUS is your outdoor kitchen store in Barcelona that provides you with infinite possibilities, adapted to any person.

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