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What design barbecue are you interested in?

In EREBUS you can find different models of unique and exclusive design barbecues. Explore our catalog, choose the one you like the most and you will have it installed at home, ready to use and enjoy it.

In addition to designer barbecues, you can also find…

Looking for a unique and exclusive designer barbecue? Find it in EREBUS

Our design barbecues aim to go further in the world of barbecues. They seek to discover new concepts, to reach another level in innovation and sustainability and, above all, to surpass themselves day by day offering their customers the design barbecue of their dreams.

We create architectural masterpieces and help you create your own. In our catalog, you will find unique barbecues that we have designed, to which you can implement the complements and change its features at will, until you get just what you need. The EREBUS professional team will guide you through the whole process to make it a fully functional barbecue design, completely to your liking.

Do you have any questions? Consult with us and we will be happy to advise you and provide you with a budget without obligation.

Discover our modern design barbecues

EREBUS is not just any barbecue store. Apart from finding unique barbecue models in the market, we make sure that they are manufactured with first quality materials.

We want you to have a barbecue that not only allows you to enjoy an outdoor lunch or dinner with your loved ones. It will attract the attention of all your guests, who will not hesitate coming to lend a hand just to take a closer look and enjoy all the comforts that it provides when it comes to cooking.

We create attractive and striking designs, taking care of their handcrafted finishes to the utmost. In addition, each model has different ergonomic features that facilitate their functionality. You can choose from a wide variety of exclusive quality barbecues to suit and meet all your needs.

And so that you have nothing to worry about, our materials comply with the European standards, so they offer you a quality barbecue with a long durability and security guarantee.

If you have a modern house, why not choose modern design barbecues instead of a traditional and rough one? Find them at Erebus.

Models of luxury barbecues that you will find in Erebus

Within our unique selection of barbecues, you will find models with different characteristics, design and functionalities. In the following, we will summarize them for you.

Erebus Lux. It has a double grill, sink, ceramic hob, wood rack and bar to place your best dishes. A complex barbecue made for those who want to create a space of conviviality and enjoyment.

Erebus Garden. It has a large fire area, as well as a spacious bench where you can cook in a calm way. A barbecue of minimalist design that does not renounce to elegance.

Erebus Air. This wall-mounted barbecue can be easily placed on the wall and is undoubtedly a piece of art to add to your garden.

Erebus Gaucho. Inspired by Argentinian grills, this barbecue is very functional for large families. Triple grill (you can choose if you want them to be automatic or not), brazier, shovel support and double extractor hood. What more could you ask for?

Erebus Querola. A practical, functional and stylish model. It transmits simplicity and elegance in equal parts, and the sensation of having all the comforts of a kitchen in an outdoor barbecue.

Erebus Minimal. Consigue transmitir ligereza pese a su robustez. Puedes colocarla suspendida en una de las paredes de tu jardín. Al tener asas desmontables, podrás quitarlas y cerrarla para convertirla en una barra. Aprovéchala en cualquier momento.

Erebus Levante: this barbecue is ideal for lovers of paellas, since it has a large space for cooking that adapts to the needs of the client.

Erebus Stone. the most robust model in our barbecue section. Its metallic structure and the stones inside are ideal if you want to get a rustic and natural touch in your garden, enjoying all the pleasures of a design barbecue.

Erebus Nar. A barbecue with a magical design representing fire and golden tones. Very homely and unique.

These are the models that we have and you can see on our website. We want you to have the best luxury barbecue on the market outside your home so you can show it off and enjoy it with everyone.

Enjoy all the pleasures of our custom-made barbecues

In EREBUS we are conscious that those who are looking to update their barbecue and opt for a design barbecue, there are all kinds of people with different needs and demands. One of the things that most limits you when it comes to finding our quality barbecue is its size, so that it can be valid for the area in which you wish to place it.

Our catalog has the necessary variety so that you can choose them regardless of the space you dispose of. Some of them can be installed on the same wall and its design has the specific needs you need in a single piece of furniture: bar, grills, ceramic hob…

In addition, some of our models have two alternative versions, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

DUO, which are larger and have more functionalities and surfaces for your comfort; and Short, which are more compact and have a woodshed section in their structure so that you can have everything at hand and enjoy them even in small spaces.

But if none of these models has convinced you and you want one of your own based on all the possibilities you have seen on our website, you can request the project of the one you need without any commitment.

We will provide you with a drawing of the plan including costs and measurements. We will consider all the essential circumstances of your case, such as the location of the barbecue, where the water and electricity supply is located... This way, you will have a unique and exclusive barbecue with the characteristics that you want.

Are you worried about the space? With EREBUS and our custom-made barbecues for all kinds of situations, this won't be a problem.

EREBUS, the best barbecue store in Barcelona

Erebus offers the quality required by their customers, always competing to provide the best service and results in the market.

We know how to work under short delivery times and we adapt to the most competitive prices. And even so, we are able to offer unique and modern luxury barbecues that you will not find in any other store.

We are also ready to provide you with all the information you need and give you a solution regarding the design of our barbecues. You can contact us through our contact page.

Trust in one of the best exclusive barbecue stores in Barcelona and we will install it at your home, ready when you need it.

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