The low season can have a significant impact on the frequency of visits and the profitability of a restaurant. The only solution to get the most from your business all year long is to use elements that distinguish it from the competition and turn it into a comfortable and attractive space for the customer.

Enhancing your terrace with SHOW COOKING is a great technique to be in touch with your customers and maintain a close and trusting relationship.

Having a robust, design EREBUS barbecue that adapts to the capacity of your restaurant and where the cooking feels comfortable to be able to serve your guests quickly, will create a sensory experience for your customers: they will see the cook at work and enjoy the embers aroma.

Another option for your restaurant terrace is the EREBUS Chill Out model. Its versatility allows you to extend the outdoor season on terraces and gardens.

At EREBUS we want to help you, that's why we have launched the new HORECA RENTING service. With our products, you can differentiate yourself from your competitors and get the most out of your business.

You can rent EREBUS products for one or several seasons and after the rental period, you can choose to extend the rental, buy or return the equipment.

We will be happy to advise you to give you the best service and product to suit your needs. Call us without commitment.


At EREBUS we want you to enjoy your barbecue or outdoor kitchen to the maximum and share it with your family and friends. That's why we offer you the service of a Chef at home to provide a live cooking service for the client and the rest of the guests.

The Chef will be responsible for:

- Designing the menu.

- Selecting and buying the products.

- Lighting the grill, cooking, presenting the dishes and serving them.

Order your chef at home and celebrate your events in the comfort of your own home with the convenience of being in a restaurant.



A barbecue is more than a place to cook outdoors, it's a meeting point where you share your time with those you choose and enjoy their company. For this reason, a barbecue must be up to date and in the best possible conditions for its use. EREBUS helps you to maintain this space in optimal conditions so that everything works perfectly.

Relive that emotion you feel when you first use your barbecue or outdoor kitchen with an excellent renovation and maintenance service: change the colour, add accessories you didn't have before such as storage, electrical appliances, pergola... to cover needs that arise with the passage of time and use.

If you have a barbecue, even if it is not EREBUS, we can come to do the maintenance that your barbecue needs, whatever it is.