Design Fireplaces for Wood


Do you need to install a designer wood-burning fireplace inside your home to enjoy its warmth and coziness during the cold winter seasons? At EREBUS you won't only find it, but we also have unique quality designs for you to select from.

Discover the benefits of installing a design wood-burning fireplace

The cold weather arrives and the inside of our home is the place where it is most evident. Our wallet trembles at the use of heating and the abuse of light. It's either that, or throw a blanket over your head and grit your teeth waiting for the sun to come out.

But these problems have an easy solution. An investment that our energy bills and ourselves will be grateful for: a fireplace in your home. The pleasure of enjoying the warmth of a fire and gathering around with the family to enjoy together... It’s something that many would like to have in their homes.

We may think that this investment is out of our hands. But it is not as complicated as we think. This will be much easier than you think if you find a good store that knows how to advise you and offer you a fireplace that fits the needs of your home.

And this store is EREBUS. We have several models of luxury fireplaces to choose from to suit all your needs. Explore our catalog and take your worries away thanks to EREBUS!

Marvel at our modern fireplaces designs

On our website, we have several models of different sizes and characteristics to offer you. We explain their main advantages and properties.

Arenal. Harmony and balance in a minimalist and elegant fireplace. Its circular placement, separated by folding glass, is integrated with the space.

Merapi. It is based solely on a piece of wrought iron to achieve a contemporary design with the functionality you need.

Etna. We molded the iron and metals to achieve a design fireplace with a circular and cubist shape. It has a side opening from which you can contemplate the flames. It has a very practical support foot to be able to install it anywhere.

Katla. A fireplace of great lightness with a hanging structure that offers different points of view depending on the perspective. A work of art in terms of design fireplaces.

Fuji. A fireplace with a triangular structure whose vertex confers a bell-shaped volume. It is ideal for small spaces and where it is difficult to think where to place it.

Misti. An eminence in minimalist fireplaces. It transmits resistance, effectiveness and comfort, and adapts easily to different decorative styles thanks to its simplicity and metallic design.

Kilauea. Its delicate shape is very versatile, since the direction drawn by its angles allows you to place it in a central part of the room.

Irazú. These fireplaces are formed by panoramic monoblocks built and covered with reinforced steel plates and with glass doors with a guillotine or retractable opening system.

Each of our designer fireplaces has unique and exclusive qualities that you won't find in any other fireplace on the market. In addition, you will have a great variety to choose the one that fits perfectly to any space in which you want to install it.

Contact us, we will discuss your case and you will be able to buy it in a few simple and easy steps to enjoy it as soon as possible!

Our experts will install your design fireplaces in record time

Each fireplace in our selection is unique. For the design and manufacture of each order, we carry out a personalized study that considers all the needs and requirements of our customers. In addition, we have in mind the space in which you want to install it, so that its installation is as simple as possible.

You will be able to request this study without any commitment. You will be provided with a drawing with the plan, the costs and particular circumstances such as location, water and electricity supply, etc.

Once this is done, they will pass rigorous tests and technical examinations carried out by our expert industrial engineers to validate their guarantee of use. Once everything is ready, we install it in the place you need in a simple and practical way that does not cause you the slightest inconvenience.

You will be able to enjoy your luxury fireplace in record time thanks to Erebus. Contact us without obligation.

Find the best fireplaces in Barcelona at EREBUS

Our fireplaces are unique designs in the market and are rigorously tested to offer the best guarantee of safety and easy installation possible. The quality of our materials and products allows us to give our customers a 2 year warranty without any worries.

Our team designated by EREBUS will be in charge of installing it on-site, complying with the current regulations of the country. We are located in the community of Barcelona, but we install barbecues all over the Iberian Peninsula.

You can consult us in our contact page to know which one will be the most convenient for your situation and if the luxury fireplace that has conquered you and would be possible to bring it to your home.

Trust EREBUS to install your designer fireplaces. We are waiting for you with the same warmth that our fireplaces will give you once they are installed.

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